I have been having lots of discussions with insurance companies over the past year. One thing I have learned is that you better have good records. Insurance companies are not our friends nor do they have your best interest in mind. Your best defense is good records. For example, if you make a claim about damage done to your home you better know what you had, how much it cost you and when you purchased it.

flooding in the kitchen

I suggest you conduct a home inventory. A home inventory has 2 parts: a video or series of photos and the paper part that may include information like a copy of the receipt, description of the item, quantity, brand, serial or model, where you purchased the item, date of purchase and cost. Do it room by room. Take pictures of your stuff, take a picture of the receipt and store these images on your computer. Another good idea is to take a video of the room while you are describing the contents. Remember to record new major purchases as you make them and add them to your inventory.

When disaster happens, you will at least have some idea of what you had. Then you and your insurance adjuster will have a better starting point to negotiate your settlement.