We Are Clutter Detectives

You can think of Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) as clutter detectives. It can be very easy to identify clutter in the home or workplace, but when it comes to narrowing down the cause of the problem you might need some help. A CPO® is the detective that asks lots of questions regarding whatever organizing issues you might have. We are able to identify the source of the issue and help you to overcome that problem. So don’t clean up before we come.

We Help You “Keep” Your House

It is a common misconception that Certified Professional Organizers are house cleaners. We are not. Think of us as a different type of housekeeper – one that helps you reduce the amount of clutter. A CPO® helps by executing a systematic analysis and reduction of that clutter so that it will not reoccur. Maintaining the systems we put in place is the key.

We Are Educated

Each and every Certified Professional Organizer has and continues to engage in many classes and conferences. We have to pay for our continuing education just like doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Many of us are members of organizing associations (ICD, NAPO, and POC). Make sure the CPO® you are hiring is up-to-date with their credentials. We want to be well equipped to advise our clients.

We Are Not Therapists

The goal of a CPO® isn’t to diagnose a medical condition or lend psychological advice but rather to help their clients create a system that works in sync with their style of living and conditions.

We Often Specialize

It is important, when looking to hire a CPO®, to understand that we often specialize in one field or another. Some CPO®s only organize businesses. Some only do residential organizing. Carefully read their websites to see what they specialize in so that you get a good fit for your organizing project.