I really don’t like to do New Year Resolutions. Resolutions seem unattainable and most of the time I have forgotten about them by the end of February. It is so much pressure to change my habits. This year I want to think of things differently. So I am going to work on one thing and think of it more as a suggestion rather than a rule or have to-do.

2019 Goals

The one thing I am going to work on this year is to take more classes and then share the information with you. I am a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®). To renew my CPO® credentials I have to take Continuing Education Units (CEU). I need 45 credits every 3 years. This is not hard to do, it fact I love going to classes. Classes can either be live and in person at one of the 2 organizing annual conferences or by the internet with live or recorded sessions. In my opinion, as a professional I want to be up on the latest body of knowledge that is out there for whatever professional I am in. In fact, I am also a Radiological Technologist (RT) and I have to complete 24 CEU every 2 years to keep up that license.

Here’s where the new habit comes in that I will be working on in 2019. I have all this great information in my head, but unless you and I are working together you might not have a piece of information that will help you solve one of your problems. They say that you need to share an idea that you learned to better help you understand the material. In other words, you really don’t learn something until you put it into practice.

So I am looking forward to teaching you some of the new ideas I have been learning. Let me know what you think.