One of my clients sent me a link to this article published in the New York Times: What Professional Organizers Really Do, and How They Can Help You. I thought it was very interesting and I wanted to point out some of the important parts of this article.

Professional Organizers (PO) can help you organize physical and digital spaces in your life. They can help you discover why you are disorganized and then help you work through the issues, but POs do not clean. They are not cleaning ladies.

Professional Organizers (POs) help you discover why you are disorganized and then help you work through the issues.

People call POs most often because they are overwhelmed. Life events like a birth of a child, death of a spouse or parent, or even moving can be stressful and overwhelming. You as the client will be asked lots of questions. What do you want to keep, where do you want the items to go. A PO can help with referrals to other professionals (moving companies, estate sales companies and cleaning companies). Having a PO come to your home or office is a process and one that the PO will want you to be an active part of.

POs should be respectful and non-judgmental. If they are judging you then you have the wrong person helping you.

It is a great article that does a nice job summing up a part of what POs do. I would also add a few more things to think about when hiring a PO. Check out their education as a PO and see if they are a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO). CPOs have taken a national board exam and are required to take so many hours of education to keep up their credentials. Also look for a professional who has business insurance so you don’t have to worry about them getting injured at your home. Finally, look for experience and specialties. The more experience a PO has dealing with clients’ stuff, the faster and more equipped in dealing with your disorganization they will be. Their specialty will help you get the best person for your needs.