This is not a blog about Tiny Houses, but I might do one on that topic some day. This is about that place that you probably spend a good percentage of your time. Your car.

I know you have seen those cars or vans in parking lots that have discarded fast food wrappers, water bottles, papers and cups in the floorboard or on the seats. What about the ones that have so many paper receipts on the dashboard of their car? I always wonder how old all that paper is.

I don’t like trash in my car. I have a small trash container behind the passenger seat so I can throw stuff away easily from the driver seat. Then when I get home I dump the container. Getting the trash out of your car will make it seem a whole lot cleaner. Vacuuming the floorboards will help too.

Helpful Items for Your Car

  • Coins and a $20 bill that I keep in the console or glove box.
  • Small first aid kit (check supplies as they get hot in the glove box)
  • Cell phone charger
  • Sunglasses
  • Paper napkins, straws and some plastic spoons and forks|Flashlight (check batteries)
  • Individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes
  • Pens and a notebook to write notes on
  • Ziploc bag for coupons
  • A tote bag or box to contain the above. Thirty-One makes the best:

Road Trip Items for Your Car (in Addition to the Above)

  • Tools/Oil/Windshield cleaner
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Pillow/Blanket
  • Trash bags
  • Big tote to contain the extra stuff

Get everyone who rides in your car into the habit of picking up trash before exiting the car. You deserve to ride in a clean and organized car.