• Consider re-painting the inside of your closet. Light colors reflect the interior light better than dark colors. Or if you really like a dark colored wall consider light colored shelving.
  • If you don’t have good overhead lighting in your closet now – think about adding some.
  • Some times the little touches make your closet a more enjoyable place to be. Adding a fun and funky rug to the floor, a new colorful switch plate and a “happy” object like a picture or do-dad can make you delighted to be getting dressed in the morning.
  • When you make a home for everything in your closet it is easy to put things away. It is only when you don’t have a place to put something that things begin to pile up and get cluttered.
  • If you are going to buy a new pair of shoes or piece of clothing, know where that item is going to live. If your closet only has enough room for 10 pairs of shoes then you know you are going to have to get rid of an old pair. Think of it as adding and subtracting. If you are going to add something new – then what are you going to subtract?
  • When you are changing out clothes for the season – do this – turn your hangers around the opposite way you normally do. As you wear the item and return it to the closet – put it back in the normal way. After the season is over take note as to which items of clothing are still facing the opposite way. These are the items you need to get rid of because for some reason you are ignoring them.
  • Using the same kind of hanger for all the clothes in your closet will make your closet look more organized and your clothing will hang more uniformly in the closet.
  • Use clear containers so you can see what is in them. You can also label the container to help you remember what is inside. Use the same kind of container throughout the closet to make it look more organized. Your eye sees the like containers and it gives you the impression of well-organized space – even if the insides of the containers are not so perfect.
  • Take out all the clothes you can not wear – why should you be reminded that you are not that size. Store the items in containers somewhere else or better yet donate them to a charity. Only have what you can wear so that you will not be so discouraged or guilty that you are only wearing a small portion of your clothes.

The average American wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.

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