I always remind my clients that the hardest thing to do after getting organized is to maintain the systems that we put in place. It is human nature to appreciate the beauty of the organized space but it is also part of our nature to take the easy way out when putting things away.

For example you might love the filing system we did together. You vow to always file papers and to never have a big stack. The next thing you know you are in a hurry after paying bills and you think “next time I will file those bills!” Several weeks later you now have a pile. Do you feel guilty, ashamed, disgusted with yourself? You might, but the answer should be that you recognize the fact that you had a “backsliding moment” and now you are going to stop the “blame game” and jump right back into maintaining your systems.


So What Is Backsliding?

  • Backsliding is the act of slipping back into the previously disorganized state.

Signs Of Backsliding

  • Systems put in place during a session are no longer being used.
  • A long stretch of missed or cancelled appointments because the client is embarrassed to be back where they started.
  • Clutter has returned, stacks of unopened mail, or it might be difficult to walk through area.

Why Does It Happen?

  • Client is involved in a big event like the birth of a baby, wedding, death of a family member or a work-related project.
  • Seasonal – holidays, vacations, and kids home in summer.
  • Depression or personal crisis.
  • The habit needs to be fully developed.

What To Do?

  • Don’t feel guilty – this happens to everyone and you just need to remember that maintenance is part of the organizing process.
  • Call me and discuss what has happened. I will support you and get you back on track with your organization.

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