• Consider simplifying your life. The less stuff you have – the less time you have to spend maintaining it. Therefore, you have more time to really live, to play, to be with your loved ones. The next time you buy something consider the real cost to your time to take care of that item.
  • Be realistic with your “to-do” list. You should only have 3-4 items on your list. If you get all of these done then you can add more.
  • Take organizing in small steps. Set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes and then tackle one kitchen or desk drawer. Clean off one shelf in the closet or bookshelf. When the timer goes off you are done or you can decide to continue. Either way, you win and you are on your way to a more organized space.
  • Remember that it took you years to accumulate the clutter; it is not going to go away instantly.
  • In the process of organizing there is an element of chaos. You have to get through the chaos before you can be organized. Sorting and tossing are some of the hardest things to do, so start small.
  • Let your container be the quantity guide for your collection. For example, you have a CD container that holds 30 CD’s and you add 2 more CD’s to your collection. Instead of buying another CD holder, take the time to let go of 2 of the old CD’s that you don’t listen to as much anymore. This will be a great time to share that music with a friend.
  • Can’t decide about getting rid of something? Put it in a box and label with a date 3 months into the future. When the time comes toss the item out or give it to a charity. Don’t open the box and look in or you might be tempted to keep it when you have already learn to live without it.
  • People wear 20% of what they own, 80% of the time. If you want a quick way to see what you wear turn all your hangers backwards on the bar. Then as you wear clothes and return them and put the hangers in the normal direction. Now you can clearly see what you have worn.
  • Before you buy another toy for your child – think about purchasing a ticket to the zoo or a movie. Make the experience of being together a treat. Don’t make every gift a material object.
  • Clean out toys right before the child’s birthday and Christmas. Kids are more willing to give away to others when they know new toys are on the way.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels and never really getting organized – hire a Professional Organizer. They are experts in dealing with clutter. They are also not emotionally attached to your stuff, so they can help you make better decisions.

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