The kitchen is one of my favorite places to organize. It is also one of the more challenging spaces to organize because there are such a wide variety of things in a kitchen. You have dishes, cookware, glasses, silverware, linens, water areas (sink), appliances, cleaning products and food. Typically, it is the busiest room in your home. Kitchens are a demanding place to make decisions.

Some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about organizing the kitchen:

  • Are your cabinets so overstuffed you can’t find anything?
  • Do you use your counter space for storage because you don’t have any more space in your cabinets?
  • Does the cabinetry make it difficult to store and retrieve items?
  • When you go grocery shopping do you have a place to put the new items?
  • Do you make a list before you go to the store?
  • Do you have more than one junk drawer in your kitchen?
  • Do you have more science experiments (i.e.: growing mold) than food to eat in your refrigerator?
  • You have items in your pantry that are older than your first born child?
  • Are pet food products mixed with your human food?
  • Do you store medicines in your kitchen?
  • Do you have diabetes and you need to have a better meal planning system?

I can help you make decisions, create storage solutions that work for you and help you keep your pantry organized. We can sort, purge and find homes for the items you want to keep. I can help you understand best how to use your kitchen for cooking, eating meals, storing food and cleaning up. I can also help change the habits of dumping things in the kitchen because it is the first place you walk into.

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