As the director of a growing nonprofit corporation, my staff and I have had to manage the challenges of yearly exponential growth. As our ministry has grown, it has been necessary to learn how to most effectively and wisely govern a wide variety of services: marriage retreats, pastoral care, life coaching, raising funds for community needs, networking with other nonprofits and churches, and much more.

All of these very different forms of ministry must be organized, or we will run inefficiently. And, we cannot afford to miss ministry opportunities. Nor can we afford to be careless with donor funds. Ruthann Betz-Essinger has proven to be a vital part of our ministry team by imparting the gift of organization to me and to our staff. Our daily operations run with ease and efficiency, and we are much more able now to meet the goals of our mission statement.

Director, Non-Profit Ministry

Had it not been for your wonderful organizing skills and hands on work, this would have a been mind boggling task for us to consider. We deeply appreciate all the ways you helped us sort through, organize and release unneeded items (and a lot of trash) in short time and with such gentle consideration. Our experience with you and your work was absolutely essential and inspirational for us.

Neko-Linda Williams, Homeowner

Wow! What you accomplished is absolutely amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying focused for three solid days to clean out and organize 50+ years of “stuff.” I could never have done even a fraction of what we did if I had not finally called you for help. As you know, it was a difficult task for me alone with the attachment I had to sentimental things. Thank you for a new, fresh perspective on the items of importance. It feels so good to walk through both garages and find what I need. Don’t breath yet, though, I’ll be calling again for the house and the Christmas attic items!

Bonita, Homeowner

THANK YOU!!! I cannot tell you how good it feels to have most of that room cleaned out. Had you not come to my rescue, it would have remained that way for at least another year. I cannot say enough how great of a help you were. I will certainly recommend you to friends and family who are looking for services like yours. So good to meet you as well. Thanks again, so very much.

Mara R., Homeowner

I just wanted to tell you that my holidays are a lot merrier this year than they have been in the past thanks to your help and care! You helped me achieve things that I never thought I could accomplish. I’m so grateful you are in my life.

I love the new webpage, especially the info on hoarding and backsliding! I tell everyone about you!

Janice, Homeowner

Ruthann has been nothing less than a life-saver for me! She not only helped me establish and organize a new apartment, but later, she also assisted me in disassembling and packing it in preparation for an upcoming move. Ruthann needed virtually none of my direction or supervision; instead, she worked to near perfection in my absence. Ruthann is a dedicated and trustworthy professional organizer, and I cannot imagine moving again without her by my side! I would vouch for her professionalism and integrity on any given day. Thank you, Ruthann!

Hays, Homeowner

As a full-time working mother, married to my business partner, and managing the daily operations of a nonprofit ministry, I have had to seek the help of a professional to manage my life! Without Ruthann Betz-Essinger’s help, I was really working harder than I needed to. I wasted time unsuccessfully managing my tasks.

Ruthann has helped me to set up several systems in my home which provide daily sanity and efficiency. And, Ruthann worked with me to integrate my personal decorating style into a practical set of organizing systems. She was able to integrate my home office décor with the entire home. It looks great, and really works!

Jane N. Geiger, M.A., Working Mother at Home
Founder and President, Grace Ministries

Ruthann is a master professional organizer. She worked her magic in my garage last September as a birthday gift to my husband. And today the garage is still perfectly organized. Her skills would help any family or company live and work in harmony.

Roslyn Smith, Realtor
Realty South

Ruthann came to my office shortly after I moved in. She spent some time helping me to organize the space that I had for storage and equipment. Ruthann was very practical and provided easy to implement ideas for my office space. I would highly recommend her services to a business owner.

Deborah B. Boswell, President
Professional Speech Services of Alabama

Ruthann has been an enormous help to my business and home. She’s helped me organize everything from my taxes to my billing to my wife’s shoe closet. When I’m out of town, she’s the one person I trust to handle calls and emergencies from clients. She always gets the job done, no matter how big or small. She’s so organized, I don’t have to be.

Clark Scott, Freelance Writer
Senior Editor, Southern Progress Corporation

Ruthann helped me clean up my office to the point where I could get to anything I needed without rummaging through mountains of extraneous material. She had me working more efficiently, that’s true. But the perception of my improvement at the office was even greater than the reality. The lesson wasn’t lost on me. I know that it is as important the office looks as good as it works. The systems and techniques Ruthann suggested helped me do just that.

Des Keller, Freelance Editor and Writer
Charlotte, NC

Thank you, Ruthann, for helping me gain control of my home office. As a small business owner that works out of a home office, it is critical that my business has its own space and that it function efficiently. I can now spend my time growing my business instead of fighting against office clutter and disorganization. You helped me get rid of what I didn’t need, freeing up space to have all the necessary tools, files and items in just the right spot!

Alli Denning, Owner of Birmingham Web Design Company
denning e-solutions, LLC

I asked Ruthann to come help me with a couple of problems I was having in my home. I wanted to attack my home office and my closet space.

Ruthann arrived at my house promptly and got right to work. She worked with me and showed me not only how to fix my problems in the short term, but also how to maintain my house so that it would truly remain organized.

We were able to repurpose a number of items rather than throwing them away. Since the consultation, I have set a date to have a yard sale and get rid of some of the extra linens and other items that have been hanging around the house collecting dust. Overall, I would say that Ruthann provided me with some of the necessary tools and training to keep my house the way I want to.

Karen S. McClure, Attorney at Law
Birmingham, AL